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UCEazy 360 Degree College Guidance for First Generation Immigrant Students and Parents

We know getting into a top University or College can be challenging for children of first generation immigrant families simply due to the ‘foreign’ concept of US admissions. So at UCEazy we offer complete guidance that will help your child get into the school of their dreams. No matter what grade your student joins us we will completely guide them through the process until they decide which college to attend.

One-on-One College Admissions Guidance

UCEazy connects first and second generation immigrant families with highly experienced college admissions experts. UCEazy was founded by first generation immigrants. We give your family high quality college admissions guidance at affordable prices.

● Engage on an hourly basis
● Buy a block of hours or a package
● Use our monthly payment plan

Seminars and Webinars

Seminars are typically offered in a community center setting. Both webinar and seminar topics help prepare students and parents for the college admissions process.

College Application Essay Review

Applying to college will most likely mean writing at least one essay, and possibly multiple essays. Even if your student is a brilliant writer and has a great grasp of the English language, he or she has never faced a U.S. college admissions board before. We make sure your student’s essays tell his/her unique story and are:

● On topic
● Grammatically correct
● Accurate

Creative Writing

Creative writing is much more than high school English. Quite often high school students produce formulaic, mechanical sentence structures that accurately convey messages, but lack one’s unique, personal voice.

Our creative writing course offers students the ability to learn how to communicate with grace and
fluidity, which will help you improve:

● ACT/SAT scores
● College application essays
● Academic performance at school and college
● Overall communication skills

Click here to learn more about our Creative Writing Course.

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