UCEazy Client Spotlight

If we are talking about success for my kids, it means accomplishing set goals, and achieving what they want to pursue and are passionate about through hard work.

If I could do it over again, I would start their career planning and counseling in middle school so we can keep their activities focused towards the goal they would like to achieve.

Me and my husband moved to the U.S. from South India seventeen years ago, and have made Northern California our home ever since. Our twin boys just started high school. As a parent, my dream is to see my kids get into a college where they can handle the coursework, complete the education they would like to pursue successfully and build a career and life where they are able to follow their dreams. As parents who didn't grow up in this country, we didn't have any personal experience with the high school system in the U.S. and weren't sure we could give our boys enough guidance on high school course selections or the college application process. The depth of the subjects covered and various AP courses in American high schools surprised us. We realized that some of the most difficult things about raising kids who are aspiring to get into college are the vast amount of options available and the tough competition they will face in any field they choose. There are so many companies out there to help with this process, but we chose UCEazy because of their reputation (we were referred by our friends), and we were impressed with the co-founders' passion for service.