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UCEazy Union - College Admissions Help Featuring Matrick the Bear

Connect with our network of college admissions experts through UCEazy Union.

Welcome to our online network of college admissions experts. These experts will support your family through all the stages of the college admissions process for US Colleges. All of this will be arranged through Union, and sessions will be conducted over video calls.

Our Vision

At this time, most families cannot afford the fees charged by private college admissions counselors. Our Goal is to level the playing field in college admissions by connecting families to affordable and high-quality college admissions experts. 

How Does it Work?

From our menu of à la carte services, you can choose the services that interest you. Next, a list of experts will come up along with their profile and prices. You choose the expert, block a time on their online calendar and check out.

The Benefits

These are some of the many benefits to working with our college admissions experts:


The Concierge – Get Started

The Concierge is a big catch-all session. For one hour, our expert will answer any of your questions about college admissions. This can include where to start or what tests to take.

The College List – During the Application

Once you are ready to get started, you will need to draw up a list of where to apply. With this service, you can work with an expert to build a list of schools tailored to your needs and capabilities.

The Game Plan for Juniors – During the Application

As a junior, sorting out all of the different parts of applying can be stressful. The Game Plan will lay out a track for you to follow through college admissions. You will set times to take the tests you need, plot out when to write the essays, and gather resources to help you finish your college application.

UCEazy Union - College Admissions Help Featuring Matrick the Bear

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The Big Decision – After the Application

After you’ve finished applying, the stress doesn’t end. And so, we offer The Big Decision to help you navigate that time between applying and accepting. This includes help with deferrals, picking between schools, and financial aid.