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For Nationwide College Applications


Keep track of hard and soft dates for the college admissions process like application deadlines, SAT registration, FAFSA application, first draft of essay due dates, and more!


For UC and CSU Applications

The Adjusted GPA Calculator

The UC and CSU GPA Calculator helps you quickly and easily convert your current GPA and coursework into “the UC and CSU official GPA”.

The Financial Calculator

Calculate all costs for college attendance including application expenses, books, and college tuition. This tool also factors in the impact of popular UC, CSU and State of California Financial Aid Programs on the cost of college applications and college attendance. Don’t worry if you can’t pay for college!

For UC applications

Extracurricular Activity Tracker

This virtual assistant will track all of your extra-curricular activities throughout your 4 years of high school. Your extracurricular activities will help strengthen your college application and get you closer to the college of your dreams!


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