Support your child in following their passions

Support your child in following their passions

Support your child in following their passions
By Vinnie Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, UCEazy

Top ranked colleges seek “unique” or “special” students, because they desire independent thinkers.

In my experience, unique students are created when parents can bring themselves to do the following:
1. Guide their children on finding their passions
2. Support children in pursuing their passions
3. Allow children to take risks and make mistakes

Oftentimes, this mindset is not easy for parents. It’s even harder for parents that were born outside the U.S. In general, immigrant parents have a focus on maximizing income, because they don’t feel fully settled in their adopted country.

As a first-generation immigrant myself, I completely relate to this situation. I encourage parents to let go of their fears about their child’s future.

For those of us who immigrated, we made huge sacrifices by leaving our country and families behind. We worked hard in this country to achieve financial independence. Our children will never be without basic needs like food, clothing or shelter. With this financial security, we should allow our children to follow their passions and dreams. Allow them to take risks and follow whatever path they choose.

UCEazy helps guide students and their parents develop this mindset. I encourage you to let go of fear and embrace your child’s future. This is the best way to create a unique student that top tier colleges are seeking. This is also the best way for your children to realize the American Dream.

UCEazy provides programs to prepare students – from 8th grade through 12th grade – and their families to take the next step towards their college dreams.

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