Susan McGuire


  • College admissions officer and college counseling for over 15 years
  • Former Assistant Director of Admissions for Brown University
  • Worked at four different independent schools along the Eastern Coast of the United States
  • Former college counseling consultant in Shanghai, China
  • Former college counseling consultant for UAE nationals and for first-generation Korean students
  • Member of National Association for College Admission Counseling
  • B.A. in American Studies from Brown University
  • M.S.Ed in Counseling Psychology at University of Pennsylvania School of Education



About Susan

Susan has over 20 years of experience in education, having served as a college counselor for three different independent schools along on the East Coast of the United States. Susan has been a college consultant to a wide range of domestic and international students from differing countries, even living abroad in China to help Chinese national students gain admission to American colleges. Susan has also worked with UAE nationals and Korean nationals, helping them gain admission to American colleges.


  • BA, American Studies, Brown University
  • MSEd Counseling Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
  • MTS Theology, Emory University

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Counseling Style

I am a counselor and advisor at heart and find great joy in helping students and parents through this exciting phase in a young person’s life. I deeply enjoy guiding students into greater self-awareness through the process of identifying and applying to college, and it is my hope that despite the anxieties that naturally swirl around the admissions process today, I can offer a sense of calm and perspective to help you get through it in one piece. I particularly enjoy working with students who love to learn for its own sake and who are fully invested in their academic future. As a first- generation-to- college graduate myself, born of immigrant parents new to the American system of higher educational, I am particularly sensitive to the questions and queries of families with similar backgrounds.


“Wow.…much enlightening instruction towards the process… Excellent job & many thanks!”


“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your role in Colleen’s successful college application process.  We had a meeting about a year ago where you asked what Colleen had planned for the summer before her senior year.  I must admit that I left that meeting frustrated and confused, that despite all she had done to that point, it was not enough, and she now had to find a "significant summer learning experience".  I didn't understand why this was necessary, but after going through this process, I see why it makes a difference.

I want to thank you for helping Colleen to find something local that matched her interests.  You put her in touch with a contact you had and Colleen was able to set up an internship.  Although not glamorous and marketed in a fancy brochure like most college summer experiences, Colleen learned something new, worked hard and put herself in a new environment where she was exposed to different cultures, a current political debate and new people; providing  the opportunity for a significant summer learning experience.  Her experience was used in at least one essay for almost every college she applied to.  It was also a question that was asked of her in college interviews and was the area that the Honors interview panel spent all their time in talking with Colleen.  In summary, her summer experience was something that differentiated herself from other applicants and gave her a wealth of information from which to draw upon for her many college essays.

Thank you for insisting on this added experience and for all your work proofing essays.  I know that Colleen sent many, many drafts for you to review until she finally got it right, we are very lucky to have the one-on- one support as students go through this process. Thank you again!”