For College Admissions, Self-Help Isn’t For Everyone!

PARENTS: FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS, SELF-HELP MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE College admissions landscape in USA has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Consider the following: a. Increased Competition: Top-tier private colleges now admit only 5% of the applicants.UCLA, a public university, attracted over 119,000 applications — the most ever for a US college. 1/3rd of […]


Calculating your UC and CSU GPA

The GPAs you use to apply for private, non-UC/CSU schools are different from the UC/CSU GPAs. Trying to figuring out how to calculate the UC/CSU GPA is frustrating! I have worked with parents that have doctorate degrees in physics who cannot figure it out. So, let me try to break it down in 400 words […]

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