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Customer Spotlights

★★★★★–Priya Ram

"I worked with UCEazy to apply to colleges last year and although college applications were so stressful and confusing, having Karen to help me gave me confidence in my application. It was much easier to navigate and when there are so many different people giving you their opinions on college applications, I was so grateful to have a counselor to give me constructive advice"

★★★★★–Moreshwar Purandare (Parent)

"I want to thank you for all your help with Atharva's college application. This was really a last moment request and you helped us during Thanksgiving break. Last night Atharva was able to get his application in and without your support this would not have been possible"

★★★★★–Anand B. (parent)

My daughter is a senior at Cupertino, CA and we had engaged UCEazy for getting help on the college list and essay review. All our interactions with Vinnie Gupta, co-founder has been great and I would highly recommend their services to anybody.

Few things that have really stood out while working with Vinnie and his team are:

1. Team Ethics - We were impressed by the team's integrity and the flexibility to adjust with our changing needs during this journey

2. Based on our research, they provided highly experienced counsellors at a very reasonable price

3. Our counselor was very flexible in understanding our requirements and providing the right guidance and motivation to our daughter

4. Video collaboration with the counselor was in fact an asset as we could work with experienced counselors in the comfort of our home. All the video meets were professionally done and we never missed the need of in-person meetings

I would especially like to call out Vinnie for his friendly nature and his willingness to work with us on any requests during our engagement with UCEazy.


★★★★★–Tanya Sangani

"Worked with Karen Rowe and she was such an amazing mentor! Off that bat, she knew how to help me in forming a college list that was perfect for me. She helped me select which colleges were exceptional in my major of psychology/neuroscience, fit with my interests, and were most importantly located in California. She helped me through every milestone of the college process. From the beginning steps of essay brainstorming to the final stages of hearing back from colleges, she was there every step of the way. She's super proactive and whenever I'd have a question I'd just send her an email and she'd reply right away with the best advice! She guided me into getting into my dream school (UCSB) along with other schools such as UC Irvine, UC Davis, Cal Poly SLO, etc. I'm so forever grateful for not only Ms. Karen but the entire UCEazy company for making my college application process less stressful and unforgettable!"

★★★★★–Sundaram S. (parent)

"We used the services of UCEazy to go through the college admission process of one of our child. For someone, who started very late in the process and knew little about it,UCEazy was god send. It was a very good experience working with both Vinnie and Vaitheesh. They are always available to help and very responsive.
Above all, they are nice human beings, their philanthropy effort with this being a testament to it.We also had a very good experience working with Nicole Jackson.
Essentially, we just didn't take a back seat, but completely backed off and let the counselor-student relationship work through it's process and reach it's culmination..
"I would highly recommend UCEazy."


★★★★★–Piyush M. (Senior)

"Karen was super helpful throughout the entire process!! I started off very nervous about the applying to college and had a lot of questions but she was able to answer them and keep me on track and on schedule with my application. I enjoyed working with Karen and would recommend her to anyone who needs a helping hand in the application process!"

★★★★★–Ash B. (Parent)

"My daughter is a Junior at MSJHS in Fremont. We reached out to UCEazy to get help with research and building the college list as well as to seek guidance for deciding on the Major. We worked with Katy, who my daughter found to be very knowledgeable and friendly. She was able to answer all her questions and provide guidance and very helpful actionable tips. Online meeting was very convenient and worked out well for my daughter's schedule. The rates are definitely very, very reasonable for the quality of the service. We will be seeking more help from UCEazy during the essay-writing period as well. Definitely, recommend UCEazy to anyone looking for affordable and high-quality college counselors. Keep up the good job, UCEazy!"


★★★★★–Priya Ram. (Senior)

"Hi Ms. Rowe, I have committed to UC Davis and I just wanted to give you a small token of gratitude for all the help you provided me during application season. Your feedback was extremely thoughtful and my application was enhanced by your edits. Again, thank you so much for everything and I hope you are able to enjoy this gift card!"

★★★★★–Rashmi P. (Parent of a senior)

"We are very happy about the interaction and working experience with Esperanza. She gave good feedback on Amogh's personal insight questions and worked with us multiple iteration till it became perfect. She answered all our queries and I am glad that I took UCEazy help for application process. It was less stressful."

★★★★★–Vijay R. (Parent)

"Very unique offering which fits my key requirements:
- pricing meeting my budget. Compared with other on premises college consulting groups, UCEazy is 1/4th the cost.
- video based meetings. Having recently moved from North Carolina and with time wasted on commuting, it makes ample sense for student and teacher doing consulting on video
- high quality counselors anywhere in US brought to your doorstep. As the meetings are video based, my son's student counselor is from Irvine and we are very happy with the progress so far.
- Flexibility in setting the meetings. With my son's many commitments on weekdays, having a slot on a weekend evening works out pretty good. Again on video based helps a lot in finding a mutual agreeable time slot.

My son is still a freshman in Cupertino high. I was heartened to see him start narrowing down his future career path to an existing area and trying to build foundation around it. His counselor, Anna provided links for all summer programs and internships. Even having my son start proactively planning all these in his freshman year wouldn't have happened without Anna."


★★★★★–Sukhreet Deol (Senior)

"Spencer was very helpful. He helped with the entire college application process from answering my questions to fixing all my essays to the smallest mistake. I did not know much about the college application process and he helped me with all the steps and answered my questions in complete details. We took small steps to completing the applications and that made the entire application process a bit less stressful. I am truly appreciative of all his help. He was a great teacher, and I learned a lot from this process. With all that I learned, I will be able to help my younger siblings during their application process. Spencer was really helpful throughout this entire process and with that a wonderful teacher."

★★★★★–Ramesh Visvanathan. (Parent)

"Navigating thru the maze of U.S college admission process for a student living abroad is mind boggling to say the least. The support and guidance we received from UCEazy counselor (Pam Ohriner) made a huge difference in every step of the way including college shortlist, narrowing it down, essay reviews, college selection and fin-aid appeal. Happy to say that Arun got in to the college he wanted with the desired major. Sincere Thanks and appreciation to UCEazy. Couldn’t have done it without you !!!"


★★★★★–Karuna K. (Parent)

“We have utilized UCEazy services for our son's college applications. It has been a great experience so far. During introduction Vinnie walked us through enriching information about how UCEazy can fill critical knowledge gaps and prepare students for college. Upon meeting the councilor our any remaining doubt was cleared. She meets weekly with our son establishing the goals for the week with the clear charter for the year in mind. With constant guidance my son understands the goals and stays motivated to complete them. Video meeting has been great without any trouble. I find charges very reasonable as compared to other services around.
Overall I recommend them, and would use them in future for my other one.”


★★★★★–Sub R. (Parent)

“Our family found this college counseling outfit after researching several firms in the SF bay area. My daughter is a sophomore at IrvingtonHigh Fremont.
Given the student to counselor ratio at public schools ( 700:4) we felt the need for private counseling, but the costs were prohibitive. Most private counseling firms charged in the tens of thousands of dollars per year.
Enter UCEazy. They have a very reasonable price-point and option to tryout the counseling without locking you on to super long contract periods. After a short-trial period, we liked the counsellor and signed on for a 3-year plan.
Highly recommended.”


★★★★★–‎Reena Gupta Bansal‎. (Parent)

"I highly recommend UCEazy consulting. UCEazy has a vast selection of experienced and knowledgeable consultants. My daughter got admission in the college of her choice and wanted to request for financial aid to support her education. We sought advice by Dr. Monica Randall, a college Admissions/financial aid counselor affiliated with UCEazy, regarding the financial aid process and were offered the option to consult with her via Video–call. Dr. Randall is highly knowledgeable about the college financial aid process. She gave insightful advice regarding the process of administering aid from a college’s perspective and advised on what to address in order to maximize my daughter’s chances of getting financial aid. After the meeting, she helped my daughter edit a rough draft of the request and gave quality feedback. Video-call based interaction with Dr. Randall was very convenient and it was pleasant to collaborate with her. I highly recommend her service.
UCEazy pricing is reasonable especially for the services it provides when it comes to selecting California colleges and majors and relatively low compared to other college consulting companies."


★★★★★–Vikas M. (Parent)

“I came to know of UCEazy from one of my friends whose son did very well get into a great college with help of UCEazy.
Engagement Process.:
I met with the founders few times regarding my son using them as well and found them very knowledgeable about the problem and solution regarding college admission process. They were very helpful through out the process and there was no pressure from them to take the service. They also listened to our needs and tried to match us with the right counselor.
Counselor Experience: Nicole is very knowledgeable and very patient with students. She knows what she is talking about and is very prompt in responding to our queries throughout the process.
Overall, they have helped in bringing clarity to the whole process and has taken out anxiety for parents as well as students. A top notch team of professionals and i will highly recommend them.”


★★★★★–Wenshan S. (Parent)

“UCEazy - Pam is one of most efficient, helpful, and warm of her field. She has really been a lot of help to me and my daughter as we urgently needed to write a waitlist appeal letter; she helped us accomplish the letter within a week, as we had a tight schedule. Pam was always accommodating and strengthened my daughter's arguments in the letter. Pam takes pride of her job and enjoy what she is doing. It was a pleasant experience to work with her. Thanks UCEazy to connect me with her.”


★★★★★–Rob W. (Parent)

"My wife sent me a pic of upcoming free webinars for assisting your student with UC,CSU and other college admissions. The first webinar we attended was on Saturday, it was about scholarships and grants.This is just what we needed and was looking for! The info was great, timely and well delivered. The presenters of where very knowledgeable of the material and had Phd's and or the work experience which complements the company. They were quick to answer the few questions that were asked. The session was so informative that there were few questions left to ask.
We have attended the second webinar today, on entrance essays. It was well put together again, timely, starting right on time just like the previous one. The info was great, well thought out, and again all questions answered fully. I enjoyed UC Eazy's policy on giving back to the community. Vinnie G, the owner was on also today and he shared his heart with us about giving back to the bay area, the under privileged, and his love for helping young adults in gain admission to one of the schools of their choice.
Vinnie called me and we had a good discussion. He answered my questions and if we need this service in the future Vinnie will be the first I call."


★★★★★–Sheela S. (Parent)

“I strongly agree with all the reviews on UCEazy here so far. If your child is going to a public high school and if you are looking for 1:1 college counseling for your child, definitely you need to hire a private college counselor given the counselor to student ratio in public schools. For us, having no prior experience or no contacts in the counseling business we ourselves needed guidance to find and pick the right counselor. That is when our family friend and the co-founder of UCEazy, Vinnie Gupta reached out to us and walked us through their services and platform. We learned that they provide access to top-quality, fully vetted experts and tools tailored towards guiding first gen. immigrant parents to help guide their children through the high school planning, resume building and college application process through the high school years. They guaranteed us the best services from the counselors and if for some reason the selected counselor doesn't work out they guaranteed to replace at no additional cost. Right away we signed up for their services, they helped us connect with the right counselor and it's been going well so far! Another advantage is that you don't need to schedule in-person sessions with these counselors as they all are set up do the counseling remotely through video conferencing. It works out very well for us as we don't need to do the traffic planning or driving the kids around. I would highly recommend UCEazy to make your life easier in giving a great life to your child! UCEazy makes it easy!”


★★★★★–Latha S. (Parent)

“We learned about UCEazy through our friend and signed up with them for an initial consultation. Our kid is applying for college admission this year. UCEazy assigned the Counsellor Dr. Nicole Jackson to us.
Dr. Nicole Jackson is very knowledgeable. She listened to our requirements and suggested various options. She was very helpful; she answered all our questions. Dr. Jackson has more than 25 years of experience in this field as a counsellor. We are very satisfied with the initial consultation and so we decided to use their service for our kid college application process.
We are very satisfied with our one hour consultation and we are hoping for the same for the rest of this college application process. I am already recommending UCEazy to my friends.”


★★★★★–Kevin D. (Parent)

“UCEazy has a vast array of resources available to its customers. They have a number of highly qualified counselors that know the application process and have worked on college admissions boards. The counselors know exactly what admissions officers look for in an application.
Along with their experienced staff, UCEazy provided me with a lot if information through its webinars. With college applications, there is just so much to do that it can be very daunting to start somewhere. The webinars gave me a good starting point with my applications.”


★★★★★–Manoj R. (Parent)

“Clearing a lot of fog around college admissions, Vinnie and the counselors provided really life changing advice for our daughter. The flexibility offered by UCEazy in terms of different packages and targeted counseling provides unique value proposition for every student family.
Great value!!!”


★★★★★–Rachel H. (Parent)

“Anna Cavanaugh is an exceptional counselor. She went above and beyond for both of my daughters in this role at their high school, taking the time to truly understand their strengths and their interests. This included helping them to choose classes, assisting withsecuring internships, and using her knowledge and experience to guide them in choosing and applying to colleges.”


★★★★★– Cindy R. (Parent)

“Ms. Cavanaugh is a brilliant counselor. She is very kind and we always knew that she
was genuinely interested in making sure our daughter achieved her goal of attending the right university for her! We began working with Ms. Cavanaugh when our daughter was a junior in high school and her help was invaluable in navigating the college admission process especially for a student athlete. Our daughter had official visits to Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and USC. Harvard required our daughter to submit her entire application in mid-august before her visit in early September. The Common Application had changed that year and there were some technical glitches. Ms. Cavanaugh assisted us in getting through the glitches in the system, by diligently working on our behalf to get in contact with the Common Application administrators. Our daughter successfully submitted her application prior to arrival and was offered admission to Harvard during her visit. Our daughter stated that the other student athletes on her visit had difficulty completing the Common Application and attended the visit without submission. Harvard allowed them to attend, but asked our daughter how she was able to submit her application. My daughter shared that she had a very dedicated and caring college counselor that found a way to work through the glitches. Harvard was impressed!”


★★★★★-Dileep Panjwani (Parent)

“We used a few sessions with UCEazy’s counselor to help our child review and fine-tune college application essays. She helped my child stay focused in answering the open ended prompts and reduce essay length without losing the essence and tone. The video sessions worked well and scheduling was flexible. I found their rates quite reasonable compared to other local college counseling services in my neighborhood."”


★★★★★–Harshaan K. (Student)

"The entire application process can be very confusing, but with UCEazy’s webinars and online tools helped me decode it and make informed decisions. The webinars guided me through the process by giving me the information I needed and helped me track down the resources I would need to do the best I could as I applied for college."


★★★★★–Chirag N. (Student)

“While working through college applications, I was adding in my information but I did not know what information was more important and better to include. UCEazy’s webinars gave me insight into what college admissions officers look for in an applicant and a potential student. I was able to structure my extra curricular activities appropriately and get good advice on how to write my application essays.”


★★★★★–Sumana K. (Student)

“UCEazy’s webinars helped me find a starting point for my applications and guide me through making decisions throughout the application process. They gave me information and tips on building a successful application. UCEazy’s online tools also helped me organize the information I needed in the applications. This allowed me to keep all the information I would need for any application in one place where I could reference it quickly as necessary.”


★★★★★–Sachi B. (Student)

“I highly recommend UCEazy consulting. UCEazy has a vast selection of experienced and knowledgeable consultants. I got admission in the college of my choice and wanted to request for financial aid to support my education. I sought advice by Dr. Monica Randall, a college Admissions/financial aid counselor affiliated with UCEazy, regarding the financial aid process and was offered the option to consult with her via Video-call.
Dr. Randall is highly knowledgeable about the college financial aid process. She gave insightful advice regarding the process of administering aid from a college's perspective and advised on what to address in order to maximize my chances of getting financial aid. After the meeting, she helped me edit a rough draft of the request and gave quality feedback. Video-call based interaction with Dr. Randall was very convenient and it was pleasant to collaborate with her. I highly recommend her service. UCEazy pricing is reasonable especially for the services it provides when it comes to selecting California colleges and majors and relatively low compared to other college consulting companies.”


★★★★★–‎Aditya‎. (Student)

"UCEazy app was really easy to navigate through, with videos always there to help.
* Highly customizable and amazingly easy to provide basic scholastic information and preferences to assess which colleges are in reach, safe, and target zones!
* Quick results that are easy to understand; fun exploring options; awesome that planning calendar is in place too!
* Very user-friendly and a really cool way to strategize for upcoming UC/CSU students!
Great that I got to it just in time!"


★★★★★–Agrima S. (Student)

“UCEazy is an extremely helpful program and resource for everyone, not only those that immediately sign up for their services. It is obvious that their effort is genuine; I attended one seminar, and by the next one, they remembered my name and previous questions, something that made me realize that they truly do care about each and every student going through this process. I have become a lot more knowledgeable through the free seminars, and am now confidently signing up with the program to gain even more knowledge!”


★★★★★–Rahul B. (Student)

“UCEazy helped me plan out the application process and keep myself organized through it. I was able to stay on top of deadlines using their online tools.”


★★★★★–Sandeep K (Student)

“The college application process is one that has continued to confuse high school students. They often feel lost and do not know where to begin. Googling can help but there are countless different responses. UCEazy was a solution that put me on the right track to finishing my applications. Its webinars gave me the information I needed to make the right choices while the online tools helped me organize my information. UCEazy is a great tool for anyone going through application process”


★★★★★–Alexander K (Student)

“It is hard to stay organized during the application process trying to handle all if the different applications at the same time. UCEazy's online tools helped me keep everything in order. I had all my information in one place easy to access. I was able to track my applications individually. Organizing during the application process can be hard but UCEazy simplified it drastically.”


★★★★★–Nikhil K. (Student)

“The application process is often very confusing and difficult to understand. It is hard to make educated choices and get access to the proper resources. UCEazy's webinars are very informative and gave me the insight I needed to make educated decisions. It also helped me find the resources I needed to help me through the process.
I would recommend UCEazy to anyone going through the application process as it can help keep students organized and on schedule while providing them with the resources to succeed!”


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