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What are our students saying about us? The entire application process can be very confusing, but with UCEazy’s webinars and online tools helped me decode it and make informed decisions. The webinars guided me through the process by giving me the information I needed and helped me track down the resources I would need to do the best I could as I applied for college. –Harshaan K. from Yelp While working through college applications, I was adding in my information but I did not know what information was more important and better to include. UCEazy’s webinars gave me insight into what college admissions officers look for in an applicant and a potential student. I was able to structure my extra curricular activities appropriately and get good advice on how to write my application essays. –Chirag N. from Yelp UCEazy’s webinars helped me find a starting point for my applications and guide me through making decisions throughout the application process. They gave me information and tips on building a successful application. UCEazy’s online tools also helped me organize the information I needed in the applications. This allowed me to keep all the information I would need for any application in one place where I could reference it quickly as necessary. –Sumana K. from Yelp

I highly recommend UCEazy consulting. UCEazy has a vast selection of experienced and knowledgeable consultants. I got admission in the college of my choice and wanted to request for financial aid to support my education. I sought advice by Dr. Monica Randall, a college Admissions/financial aid counselor affiliated with UCEazy, regarding the financial aid process and was offered the option to consult with her via Video-call. Dr. Randall is highly knowledgeable about the college financial aid process. She gave insightful advice regarding the process of administering aid from a college's perspective and advised on what to address in order to maximize my chances of getting financial aid. After the meeting, she helped me edit a rough draft of the request and gave quality feedback. Video-call based interaction with Dr. Randall was very convenient and it was pleasant to collaborate with her. I highly recommend her service. UCEazy pricing is reasonable especially for the services it provides when it comes to selecting California colleges and majors and relatively low compared to other college consulting companies. –Sachi B. from Yelp

Counselor Reviews

What are our students and parents saying about us? Each counselor is handpicked and goes through a rigorous selection process that ensures empathy and expertise. 93% of our students were accepted into their top 3 colleges. Together, our counselors have guided more than ten thousand students get into their dream colleges.


Counselor Pamela Ohriner
“You are the most amazing person ever! He’s in! Only someone as fab as you could get someone into USC even after missing the cut off to apply.You are the absolute best!!! Thank you so much!!” –Parent. “I am an international student who has wanted to transfer to the States from the UK, but it’s hard to find good support and maintaining the student budget. I was very lucky to have stumbled upon Ms. Ohriner by Googling and since the beginning, she has helped me with my essays a great deal and gave me great advice on how to deal with the Common App. I have witnessed Ms. Ohriner’s professionalism and dedication through Skype Calls and correspondence with various university admissions departments. Most importantly, she was willing to make discounts to suit my budget, as well as keeping my best interests at heart. While I’m still waiting upon my decision, I urge potential international transfers to give Ms. Ohriner a call. She is a college counselor you can trust without a shadow of a doubt.” –Student from Hong Kong studying in the U.K.
Counselor Porsha Boyd Ed.D
“Counseling services received by Ms. Boyd in relation to academics, financial aid, and the college going process showed how prepared and well informed she is on the subjects. Also, based on services I received, I found Ms. Boyd to be helpful in making sure one would stay on top of their academics, especially when college applications were well underway. She provided one on one meetings and workshops on how to understand the college application process.” ~Lemus A
Counselor Shari Schussel
“Shari is one of the top high School & college entrance counselors that we’ve had the privilege of working since my daughter started at Monta Vista High School. Shari has been an invaluable asset to my daughter and wife in helping to guide them thru the most efficient path to getting into the right college” ~Aaron.
Counselor Katy Watts
"I feel lucky that Katy was a mentor to me when I first started working intensively with high school students. She is a great listener and truly hears what each student is telling her about their hopes and goals for their education. She works to understand their goals, needs and abilities to help find a college or university that will allow the student to find the greatest success. Katy is skilled in advising in students both domestic and international to colleges and universities stateside and around the world. Her university admission knowledge boarders on encyclopedic." - Katie Blue, Director of College Counseling (at a private high school in Houston)
Counselor Dr. Nicole Jackson
“We are really fortunate to have an expert from UCEazy as our advisor! Booking online for expert’s time was super easy, and UCEazy kept it unbelievably affordable! Our son was reviewing his admission across four different universities, and UCEazy expert spent time exploring my son’s interests (both inside class and out) and career plans. UCEazy expert was very pleasant and objectively provided very relevant, in-depth comparison across the top two universities that fit the bill. UCEazy expert further brought out fees, dorm life, and beyond-college experiences that most parents worry about too. In all, it was so worth the money, when our son wanted to talk to her again before the final call on Apr 29th, we didn’t blink before booking a second session with UCEazy expert! Frankly, my son was very concerned about UCLA’s competitive student life and worried if he would lose out valuable extracurricular activities and college fun… after talking to UCEazy expert again, he was happy to decide on joining UCLA, and we strongly feel we owe his turn-around entirely to UCEazy!! UCEazy has truly made it easy with its invaluable services for college-going students and parents alike, and I would any day recommend using UCEazy! Thank you UCEazy!!! Hope you will have services for graduate students too ;-)” ~Prasad.


Counselor Dr. Monica Randall
“How many great things can I say about Dr. Randall before someone thinks that I’ve been paid to say them?!?! I worked with Dr. Randall for four years as her Executive Assistant, at a university in Baltimore. She was always fully aware and way out in front of any impending issues that could affect our ability to serve our students. Throughout my many interactions with policy makers and other persons involved in these processes, there was nothing but respect shared regarding Dr. Randall and her dedication to these efforts. As her role changed to VP of Enrollment Management, I watched that same enthusiasm and commitment transfer from affecting policy changes, to improving internal operations to ensure equal and adequate access to all of our current and potential students. She worked, literally sometimes, night and day developing plans to reduce redundancy and improve efficiencies that accelerated and simplified the enrollment process. However admirable her work on the processes was, I feel her largest and most valuable strength is in her desire to educate students and their families on how to avoid, or overcome, the obstacles that may prevent them from getting the education they are both entitled to and deserve. …. To put it simply, she truly cares, and she knows her stuff!!!” –Sequinta W.
Counselor Spencer Barr
“From helping me figure out what I really wanted in a school, to what I was interested in, to which schools to apply to and even reading my essays and helping me fill out every application — Spencer was there without hesitation.” – Savannah. “My husband and I are so grateful for everything you are doing, and especially for the wonderful communication. It really makes a difference.” –Daphne & Greg
Counselor Richard Napora
“I was lucky enough to have Mr. Napora as my counselor during the majority of my time at Newbury Park High School. Not only is he kind and courteous, but he is also extremely intelligent. I don’t think I ever had a question that he could not answer. Mr. Napora knows how to solve problems efficiently and with the least amount of stress. Many times I would walk into his office frantically worrying about some aspect of my college applications or what classes to take, and in less than ten minutes he would have all of my problems solved. Going to my counselors in college has shown me just how spoiled I was with Mr. Napora. There is truly no better person for the job.” –Joelle S. “Mr. Napora was always patient and understanding while answering my questions about the process of college applications. He always responds to emails ASAP which is reassuring to anxious students. He still answers my emails today even though he’s not obligated to anymore and I am grateful for all the help and encouragement he gave me.” -Diana T
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