The College Application Process

UCEazy provides personalized college admissions counseling

The college application process can seem intimidating, especially if a student’s parents were educated outside the U.S. and are not able to offer personalized advice. However, a college admissions counselor can greatly help with college admissions.
Since there are many steps in the college application process, UCEazy college counselors believe a good way for students to get started is to create a to-do list. College admissions experts recommend that even though there is often prep work needed, students should begin filling out college applications the summer between their junior and senior year of high school.
Students have several options when it comes to college application platforms, and UCEazy can provide college application guidance.
  • One popular choice is The Common Application, which is accepted by more than 900 colleges and can be submitted to multiple colleges.
  • The Coalition Application is a newer platform accepted by more than 150 colleges.
  • Some university systems also have specific applications for students, such as the University of California system.
Most colleges require students to submit a college essay or personal statement, especially with some colleges going test blind or test optional. These essays are a way for students to share their personal experiences and show colleges who they truly are. College admission counseling is often needed for these essays since the skills needed are unique from what is taught in high school english courses. College essay writing has become increasingly important for many universities, and UCEazy provides college essay review through our Essay Writing Program.
Regardless of which application platform students use, they can usually choose from multiple essay prompts. UCEazy’s college counseling service prepares students for this important aspect of admissions. We also provide services for college transfer essays and start as early as 9th grade essay writing.
Beyond college essays, UCEazy’s college application advisors prepare students’ applications by helping with:
  • Personal information: In the first portion of a college application, students provide basic information about themselves, their school and their family.
  • High school transcript: Colleges ask for an official high school transcript (a record of courses and grades).
  • Standardized test scores: Although many colleges are now test blind or test optional, some still require SAT or ACT scores. Since your test scores could qualify you for scholarships (even at test-optional colleges), college application counselors still recommend taking at least one standardized test.
  • Letters of recommendation: Colleges often ask students to submit letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors who know them well and can comment on academic abilities, personal qualities and other achievements.
  • Extracurriculars: Commitment to a sport, hobby, religious organization, or job during high school is important. Summer counts, so take advantage of your free time!
Please reach out to UCEazy to have a college admission counselor to provide your family with personalized guidance for the entire college application process.