UCEazy Client Spotlight

Seeing my children set goals and trying hard to achieve them is the most important thing to me as a parent.

The most difficult thing about raising [college bound high school] kids these days is making them understand the importance of time management in their junior and senior years to focus on their college admission process in addition to their course loads and other activities.

My wife and I are from India and after living in the U.S. for 16 years, we returned to India for my job at a global bank. As parents, we are proud to send our oldest child, Arun, off to the University of Rochester starting this Fall. Arun wanted to major in Financial Economics/Data Sciences, and we are excited to see what our daughter will choose for her college path. Our daughter wants to go to colleges that have small class sizes, provides undergraduate research opportunities, and have good merit and need-based scholarships.

As parents who didn't attend college in the U.S., the biggest surprise to me was importance given to college essays, extracurricular activities and teacher recommendations in college admissions. I first realized my kids needed outside counseling help because of the various complexities in the U.S. college admissions for a U.S. citizen living abroad. It was clear we needed an expert to guide us, and [we] chose UCEazy because of their experienced counselors and convenience of their video platform for meetings. Pam Ohriner is our counselor and we love working with her.