Timely Tips for January and February 2021

Timely Tips for January and February 2021

It’s spring semester, which means that it’s time to plan for meaningful summer activities. Whether you’re learning virtually or back to school in person, here are tips from UCEazy experts to help make the most of your time.

8th Graders

  • Finish exploration of what high school to attend, whether public or private
    • Research options to find the student’s “best fit”
    • Seek guidance from UCEazy counselors to finalize a decision
  • Make plans for summer activities
    • Take courses to prepare for high school
    • Attend an education or activity camp
    • Create and explore extracurricular opportunities for the next four years

9th Graders

  • Create a tentative four-year course plan
    • Seek guidance from UCEazy counselors to strategize a plan
  • Create both a plan A and plan B for summer
    • Take an online course in a subject area that interests the student
    • Apply for pre-college programs at universities that pique your interest
    • Pursue extracurricular activities that align with your passions
  • Prepare for 10th-grade courses
    • Honors science classes typically require preparation

10th Graders

  • Analyze course selections for junior year
    • AP/Honors courses should be scheduled strategically
  • Commit to activities outside of the classroom while being diligent with academics
  • Research and create both a plan A and plan B for summer
    • Take an online course in an area that is interesting
    • Pursue leadership opportunities in current activities
    • Explore summer programs based on interest

11th Graders

  • Check deadlines for summer programs offering leadership and research opportunities
  • Discover meaningful activities that can continue through senior year and college
  • Grades are of the utmost importance this spring — get off to a good start!

12th Graders

  • Remember to send 7th semester transcripts (mid year reports) to those colleges or universities that you have applied, as well as updates on any significant recent accomplishments or financial aid documents
  • Speak with your UCEazy counselor to learn more about colleges and universities that have accepted you to help make a final decision
  • Research local, institutional, state, and national scholarships
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