Timely Tips for January and February

Timely Tips for January and February

Students are back in school, so make sure students take advantage of their time. Below are some ideas on how students can continue moving forward during this time.

8th Graders

  • Begin choosing a high school, whether public or private.
  • Research and analyze to find the “best fit” for your student.
  • List the benefits for each type of school and speak with a UCEazy counselor.
  • Make plans for summer activities, such as taking courses to prepare for high school, going to education camps and creating some extracurricular opportunities for the next four years of high school.

9th Graders

  • Make plans for summer activities.
  • Practice applying for pre-college programs at universities that pique the student’s interest.
  • Pursue extracurricular activities that students are passionate about during the summer.

10th Graders

  • Analyze course selections for junior year, which is the toughest academic year and the most important for college admissions.
  • Be committed to activities outside of the classroom while being diligent with academics because colleges look for balanced students.

11th Graders

  • Check approaching deadlines and apply to any pre-college programs. Some of these offer leadership and research opportunities, as well as a chance to meet campus staff.
  • Create meaningful activities that can be carried through senior year and college.
  • Grades are of the utmost importance this spring. Get off to a good start!

12th Graders

  • Make sure colleges or universities that you have applied to have your final SAT/ACT scores, 7th-semester transcripts, updates on student’s accomplishments and any financial aid documents.
  • Tour colleges and universities that have accepted you to help make final decisions.
  • Research local, institutional, state and national scholarships.
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