College Transfer Program – UCEazy counselors guide students who want to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year college. We help them explore and navigate the Transfer Admissions Guarantee programs offered to them. In addition, our guidance includes selecting courses at the community college, finding a best-fit major, developing a target list of colleges and assisting with essay review.


Richard Napora

Admissions Expert

Rik has 20+ years of experience in college admissions counseling and has counseled thousands of students in personal, academic and career areas. In addition, he has taught graduate level classes in both career development and counseling technology in the School Counseling program at San Diego State University.

Priyanka Dinesh

Admissions Expert

Priyanka is highly experienced in supporting community college students in transferring to 4-year colleges. Priyanka currently serves at the highest ranking Community Colleges that boast the highest transfer rate in California including De Anza College. Priyanka is passionate about our UCEazy student and parent population.