Andrea Rasmussen

Admissions Expert

Andrea has over 10 years of experience working with students and their families. She’s worked at both public and elite private high schools and serves as an external reader for undergraduate applications for the UC admissions office. She’s passionate about helping students identify their future goals and find their paths. Andrea has honed the skills to empower, guide, and encourage students to actualize their potential and how to achieve it.

David Fajnor

Admissions Expert

Over the past 36 years, David has dedicated himself to serving students and families in the college admissions process from both sides of the desk. With 28 years in the Office of Admissions at the University of California and eight years as the College Counselor at a rigorous STEM-focused Bay Area independent high school, he has the ability to work with diverse communities.

Kaylin Liang

Admissions Expert

Kaylin is an experienced college counselor with a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by immigrant families in navigating college admissions. She has worked as a college admissions counselor in top international high schools in China and as Director of Academics overseeing academic advising services at a leading Northern California high school.

Trevor Smyth

Admissions Expert

Trevor has ten years of elite private high school counseling and is also an external admission reader for the prestigious UC Berkeley. He has extensive experience working to develop the potential of highly aspirational students including athletes, many of whom have found success at top 20 universities in the US.

Anne Johnson

Admissions Expert

Anne Johnson is an experienced counselor who has worked in education, counseling, and the youth non-profit sector for over 15 years. With her extensive background in both development of individual students as well as getting them into top universities, Anne is skilled at connecting with students and families who are driven towards long term success.

Kristen Wiley

Admissions Expert

Kisten has worked at an elite private high school in San Diego in supporting competitive students get into their dream colleges. With Kristen’s experience at both a private high school and in the medical research field, she has a broad understanding of how to help students think outside of the box. She relies on her strength of connecting with students to support them as they strive to meet their academic and personal goals.

Gail Davenport

Admissions Expert

Gail has spent the last decade working with students on developing post secondary plans and navigating through the college application process. Through her experience as a High School Counselor and as an Admissions Reader for UCLA, she has been able to see the admissions process from both sides. She is passionate about working with students on creating a successful future!

Terry Gilbert

Admissions Expert

Terry has led application review teams for both Purdue and Carnegie Mellon Universities, primarily in the engineering and computer science disciplines. As an experienced college advisor, Terry is knowledgeable about how to support students to enhance their candidacy for admission at selective institutions.

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