Jill Newman

Jill Newman, has 30+ years of international and stateside experience as a high school counselor and teacher. She utilizes a personalized approach that encourages her students to be immersed in their own insightful learning with directed questioning techniques that help to discover a student's interests, abilities, and skills.

Kathleen Piwko

Engineering Expert

Kathleen has a unique background in both college admissions counseling and engineering. She has 5+ years working as a college counselor at an elite private high school where she has helped hundreds of students with college admissions. Kathleen also has an engineering degree and 10+ years of experience at a Fortune 100 company.

Tina Heeren

Tina has 23+ years of experience at high ranking public and private high schools. She has also worked for the University of California evaluating transcripts for participation in the Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) Program. Tina also is experienced in working with athletes and supporting them through the NCAA process.

Brittany Dávila

Admissions Expert

Brittany is an expert in highly selective college admissions. She has reviewed more than 15,000 applications and counseled hundreds of students. Brittany has held roles in the admissions and/or financial aid offices at the following colleges: Reader at UC Berkeley, NYU, Barnard College, Fordham and University of La Verne.

Leah Seabrook-Rocha

Essay Coach

Leah has 22+ years of teaching experience at the community college level and in the 6-12 classroom. She has been awarded for her accomplishments with Gifted Youth and was a Reader for AP US History Exams. Leah is dedicated to helping her students find their voice through writing and developing communication skills.

Whitney Enwemeka

Admissions Expert

Whitney has 5+ years in college admission and recruitment at the University of Southern California. She is an instructor for summer programs at UC Berkeley and USC for 11th-12th graders. Whitney is a contributor to a #1 best selling college admissions book and a guest speaker in Asia educating students on US colleges.

Ashley McWilliams

Ashley has 15+ years of experience working with students and their families as they navigate the college admissions process. As a counselor at a high ranking Northern California high school and a former college admissions officer, she has a holistic understanding of how the admissions process works every step of the way.

Jeralyn Johns

Admissions Expert

Jeralyn has over thirty years of experience in education including counselor for the past 25 years. Jeralyn’s experience as an external reader for UC San Diego for the past seven years has enabled her to gain valuable insight into college admissions and the importance of developing a strong foundation in early high school.

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