Essay Coach

Becky Swanson

Essay Coach

Becky Swanson has accrued her experience as an educator in the Midwest working with 7th through 12th graders for the past 14 years. Becky holds a Master’s degree in Education and currently teaches English at an elite high school near Purdue University.

Kaitlin Alexander

Essay Coach

Kaitlin is a career educator with a master’s degree in education and ten years of experience in secondary language arts classrooms. As a remote coach, she works with teens across the globe on both their writing skills and supporting their executive functioning skills.

Stephen Williams

Essay Coach

Stephen has over 30 years of experience in education serving in various roles such as AP English teacher and college counselor. His extensive knowledge has been passed on through his professorship at the prestigious UC Counseling Certification Program.

Cynthia Darling

Essay Coach

Cynthia Darling has been a high school English Teacher in independent schools for the past twenty years. During that time, her treasured role has been guiding high school seniors in writing their college personal statements and supplemental college essays.

Carmen Livingston

Essay Coach

Experienced college educator, counseled and prepared first generation students for college admissions, knowledgeable about personal essay writing.

Chris Nielsen

Essay Coach

Chris Nielsen has been an English teacher for sixteen years, working with students from grades eighth through twelfth.

Jennifer Brookover


Jen has spent 12 years as a school counselor in both Philadelphia, PA and in California, which provides her insight and experience with both East and West Coast colleges and universities.

Gail Collins

Essay Coach

Gail's mantra is to "Help students succeed, one dream at a time." Originally from Michigan, she has traveled to every state, except Alaska. As a first generation college student at California State University in Long Beach, she was heavily involved in campus activities and truly enjoyed her undergraduate experience.

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