11th and 12 Grades Programs - College Admissions Made Eazy College Admissions Made Eazy

UCEazy Services

One-on-One Guidance

Assisting with key activities such as coursework selection,college list, major, essays and financial aid.

College Essays Made Eazy Program
(for Juniors only)

Teaching students how to write compelling college essays that gets them into a rhythm of essay writing prior to their Senior year.

uceazy services

Clients-Only Educational Webinars

For parents and students on topics related to emotional well-being, motivation, extracurricular strategy, career options and more.

Parent Resource Group

Provides parents a platform for ideas/solutions from other parents to help their children be more successful in high school and competitive in the college admissions process.

Junior Year

The junior year is the student’s last opportunity to become more competitive for college admissions. Our experts can provide objective guidance to meet this goal. They can help with questions like:
  • Which colleges and majors are best for me?
  • How can I improve my GPA and round out my academic portfolio?
  • How do I balance time between academics and extracurricular activities?
  • Summer planning
  • Campus visits
  • Testing strategy
For students applying to a top-tier university:
  • Developing personal and unique stories for college essays
  • Recommendation letters
  • Showcasing leadership skills

Senior Year

Helping students present themselves as multidimensional and unique students for college admissions is a priority. Our experts (counselors) provide objective guidance with every activity in the applications process, including the post-application process for decisions such as waitlist strategy, final college selection, and financial aid. Here's a partial list of activities we can assist with:
  • College applications strategy and timelines
  • Creation of college list
  • Selection of major
  • Review of college essays
  • Resume preparation
  • Recommendation letters strategy
  • Application review
  • Interview coaching
  • Campus visits strategy
  • Financial aid strategy
  • Final college selection

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