UCEazy Overview

UCEazy Overview

UCEazy stands for University and College admissions made eazy. Our mission is to simplify the college admissions process for students whose parents were born outside the U.S. or are not familiar with the U.S. college admissions process.

How do we help?

We are an online academy (a virtual school) that specializes in college admissions. UCEazy is organized similarly to a school except that our experts meet with our clients over high-quality video conference. Like a school, we have different programs and different experts.

Our three programs are as follows:

  • Multi-Dimensional Student Program for students in 8th-10th grades. In this program, our experts guide students towards becoming special or unique from a college admissions perspective.
  • College Admissions Program for students in 11th-12th grades. In this program, we provide guidance for the actual application process.
  • Transfer Program. This program is for students who want to transfer from a community college to a four-year college.
Like a school, we have teachers with varying skills and areas of expertise — we call them counselors or experts. All of our team members understand the complexities faced by students whose parents did not attend college in the U.S. In fact, our founders were born outside the U.S. and have learned how to overcome the challenges of the U.S. college admissions process.

The types of team members and their expertise include:

  • College admission Experts – specifically specialize in college admission applications and choosing the right colleges to apply to.
  • High School Counselors – assist with choosing the right courses, activities and clubs that help develop a multi-dimensional student.
  • Writing Experts – teachers who teach 8-11 graders how to write college essays and review essays for 12th graders.
  • Family Coaches – provide parents with tools to deal with difficult situations, such as a child with little motivation.
Our academy currently supports nearly 600 students from across the nation, and we have a team of 50 experts. Our guidance is highly personalized.

Our clients are our evangelists

Below is a testimonial from a parent whose senior was in our College Admissions Program and has completed his college applications.
“We went with UCEazy as we were a little overwhelmed with the college admissions process. Being first-generation immigrants, it was a little challenging for us to navigate all the processes and timelines. We had a wonderful experience with UCEazy. And we want to thank UCEazy for making our first college admissions process stress free.”
You can check out additional reviews here. You can see our results here.
To learn more about UCEazy’s programs for students in 8th-12th grades, email us at info@uceazy.com or call us at 1-833-9UCEAZY.