Vinnie’s Blog to Parents

I want to share a letter I wrote on a neighborhood chat board for a parent seeking college advice for their child, as I hope it will be useful for many others.

Dear Neighbors,

Many of you, like me, were born outside the United States, but now find yourselves raising a family in this country. Your children are going through the U.S. educational system and soon will be preparing for and securing college admissions.
As the Co-Founder & CEO of UCEazy, I would like to share with you my perspective on admissions to Ivy League and other top colleges. My message is directed at families in which the parents were born outside the U.S. The current trend in college admissions is to look for well-rounded students, otherwise known as a multi-dimensional student. When Admissions Officers receive a prospective student’s paperwork, they look at much more than just GPA and test scores.
This concept of a multi-dimensional student is difficult to understand for those who were born outside the U.S. There are a couple reasons why:
  1. Educational systems in countries like India and China are highly focused on academics. The college admissions departments in these countries place very little if any emphasis on other aspects of a student, for example communication skills, interests outside the class room, leadership skills etc.
  2. Parents born outside the U.S. are not familiar with several key elements in the U.S. education systems and job markets. They did not attend middle and high school or 4-year college in the U.S. Many of these parents are employed in the IT/Technology sector and are not aware of careers outside this sector.
Based on this, what is the best and right way to look at college admissions for these families?
Let’s break it down into two groups. One group is for students in grades 8-10, where the focus is on becoming a multi-dimensional student. This student has strong self-esteem and achieves both inside and outside the classroom. He/she is unique and able to think independently.
The other group is for students in grades 11-12, which is when to think about college admissions and applications. I believe when students do the work to become multi-dimensional in grades 8-10, then the college admissions process will be much simpler, less stressful and more successful.
UCEazy is bringing an innovative approach to college admission by building the multi-dimensional student in grades 8-10 and guiding students through college admissions process in grades 11-12.
Yours Truly,
Vinnie Gupta