What does a College Admissions Counselor do?

Last week, we posted a video by Shari Schussel, one of our UCEazy counselors. This video about the important role that college admissions counselors play in a student’s life was a hit on social media, and had nearly 1000 views in under one week. It is clear that this message is resonating with our audience, and we wanted to share with you the key points of the video, which can be found here: https://youtu.be/HzvFiOyUjBE?list=UUgKptU0szrx8_iUnApIy5Dg

1. College admissions counselors help you compete better. They help you put your best foot forward so you can present yourself in the best possible way. In a pile of tens of thousands of applications, how will you stand out to the admissions board? You literally only have a few minutes to leave a lasting impression in your application, so make sure you are seeking an expert who can guide you through this. UCEazy counselors have decades of industry experience (some have even been admissions officers themselves at one point), and know what these decision makers are “looking for”. They also know the common pitfalls and cliches in an application so you can steer clear of them and make your application unique.

2. College admissions counselors help you stay on track. This so very important because high school students face intense pressure at school and at home. From managing extracurricular activities, to fulfilling family commitments-all the while maintaining high GPA and studying for SATs, it is easy to waste valuable time and energy on things that won’t add to your application. College admissions counselors play a huge role in a student’s life by helping them focus on the truly important things that will impact their chances of “getting in”. After all, they have devoted their careers to this field.

3. College admissions counselors help alleviate stress and anxiety during this emotion-filled process. They act as a third party/mediator to alleviate the stress that comes with this complicated and overwhelming time for you and your family. If you ever felt like your child is doing the exact opposite of what you would like them to do, then it is a clear sign that you need to seek outside help. Contact us today at: info@uceazy.com for a free consultation. Don’t wait-start early and maximize the time you have before you have to send in those applications!

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