What’s the Parent’s Role in Child’s Admissions into a Top Tier College?

What’s the Parent’s Role in Child’s Admissions into a Top Tier College?
By Vinnie Gupta, UCEazy

As school busses start rolling down the street and after-school activities start
crowding the calendar, it’s affirmation that the new school year has begun.
Whether your child is an 8 th grader or a 12 th grader, college is always on the
forefront of the minds for most parents.
Not all students are as focused on their college admissions, so their parents push
and prod them to pad their high school “resume” with extra-curricular activities
and volunteer work.
As a first-generation immigrant family, I learned that I didn’t understand all the
nuances to secure enrollment into top tier universities such as Stanford or Ivy
League Colleges like Harvard. That’s why my partner and I established UCEazy,
because even though we had successful careers in the United States as
immigrants, we struggled with understanding how to best prepare our children
for college.
My big learning, through the college admission process of my own children, was
that top tier colleges are looking for special and unique students. However, I
believe that the parenting style of most Indian American parents is counter to
what is needed for creating a unique student.
In this context, uniqueness is defined as:

  • Are they independent thinkers?
  • Do they think outside the box?

It can be said that most Indian American parents don't follow this line of thinking.
They seek compliance from their children, rather than allowing them to make
their own decisions. If these parents don't change, their children are unlikely to
develop into the unique student that an Ivy League college seeks.
To create the unique child that colleges are looking for, you need to consider the

Let go of fear about your child’s future – We left our country and family
behind. We sacrificed a lot and worked extremely hard. Our children will
never be without basic needs such as food, clothing or shelter. With this
kind of security, why would the child not dream big? If these kids don’t,
then who would? So, allow them to take risks to follow their path and do
whatever they want. Take their shackles off, let them try. We know they
will not starve.

  • Expand their horizons – Think beyond the careers that brought you
    professional success. Think beyond careers like medicine that have been
    lucrative historically. Why can’t your child start the next Google or become
    a Supreme Court Justice or dare I say even the President of United States?
    If you want your child to dream big, you need to dream big as well. You
    need to change your thinking of what they can become.
  • Being quirky is good – Allow your child to think differently. Many of the
    famous explorers and entrepreneurs are quirky, and that’s okay. Allow
    them to create their own path versus following a beaten track? That’s what
    top tier colleges are seeking.
  • Let them make their own decisions – You need to learn to let go of your
    children. Shift accountability of many decisions to them. Involve the child in
    discussions, so they can take ownership and pride in their decisions. Let
    them experiment and fail.

We founded UCEazy to capitalize on our life lessons as first generation Indian
Americans and to help level the playing field for other recent immigrants. This
includes counseling programs to ensure success in high school and how to reduce
stress for both the child and parent.
Unlike other families that have resided in this country for centuries, Indian-
American parents struggle to help their children with the high school journey or
college admissions process. That is simply an extension of them applying lessons
learned from their own high school and college journey in India.
In America, parents cannot be passive partners in the high school journey. They
need to become better informed, so they can guide the children and provide
parity with families where the parents have been in country for many

Beginning in September, UCEazy will offer its members a series of free parental
educational webinars to provide insight into the US high school journey. I
encourage you to become an active participant in your child’s high school journey
and let us help show you the way.
I encourage you to take fear away from your children and don’t be afraid of their
future. Dreams come alive when you are not afraid. That’s one of the ways to
create the unique student that top tier colleges are seeking.
About UCEazy: The UCEazy mission is to simplify the college admissions process
for first and second generation immigrant families by providing easy access to
top-quality admissions experts and resources with several affordable pricing
options. UCEazy provides private counseling, tutors and coaches to prepare
students – from 8 th  grade through 12 th  grade – and their families as they prepare
for taking the next step to the college of their dreams. Please visit
www.UCEazy.com to learn more.