Why I love #askfriday

During the week our Twitter and Facebook followers, submit UC and CSU application questions with the hashtag#askfriday.  On Fridays we post the answers on our social media sites.

Most of our competitors charge a lot of money for connecting students with college counselors, because these are highly qualified individuals who share highly valued information.  Why are we giving it away?

Partly its because we know that the costs of applying to college are huge: tests preparations, tutors, private counselors, college visits, test fees, application fees are now running into thousands of dollars.  This has created a real divide between families who can afford these fees, and those kids who spend nights in the library sharing an outdated Kaplan test prep book in the reference area.

Our founders, and the team they built, believe that college is the great equalizer and the admission process should be based on meritocracy (as much as possible in the highly competitive college admissions race.)

So every Friday I have a little smile on my face as I interact with people from all over the world and all walks of life when we answer their questions.

If you want to participate in #ask friday:

1 – Like or follow us on either twitter facebook (they are both in the menu bar of this blog)

2 – Submit your questions with the hashtag #askfriday

3 – Will respond in Facebook or Twitter to your questions

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