We Understand You

UCEazy is the first virtual academy specializing in college admissions guidance for students whose parents were educated outside the United States. We have a unique position of understanding both the aspirations and culture of immigrant families as well as what universities seek.

Why You Need UCEazy

Level the Playing Field for Your Child

Limited Resources – While college admissions are getting increasingly competitive and complex, U.S. public high schools don’t have the budgets to invest in proper guidance. Compared to private schools, this is a significant disadvantage.

Cost Effective – In addition to being significantly cheaper than a private school, UCEazy provides more personalized and comprehensive guidance as it relates to college admissions.

Safe Choice – We have supported thousands of students, received great reviews, been featured in national media, and offer a counselor replacement guarantee.

Why is UCEazy Different

Built for Your Unique Needs – Our leadership team has similar life experiences as yours. We understand the unique challenges that immigrant families experience in navigating the U.S. college admissions process.

Academy Model– We offer programs in addition to traditional college admissions counseling. We are a one-stop shop for students seeking a competitive advantage during the college preparation and admissions process. This is accomplished through our proprietary curriculum and multiple experts working with your child.

High-Quality Counselors – Our handpicked experts have earned at least a Master’s Degree. Averaging 15 years of experience, our counselors have guided more than 15,000 students through the U.S. college admissions process.

Much More than Traditional College
Admissions Counseling

Choose Your Student’s Journey


Don’t wait until it is too late to get help for your student. The UCEazy online academy offers three proprietary programs for students that begin as early as the 8th grade.