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Why should you partner with UCEazy for college admissions guidance?

UCEazy is the Only Company that Provides Comprehensive College Admissions Guidance for Students Whose Parents Were Born Outside the U.S.

Getting into a top college or university has become very competitive and complex. This is even more complicated or cumbersome for students whose parents were educated primarily outside the United States. As parents who have had to deal with these unique challenges, the founders of UCEazy (Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh Kolady –VK) founded UCEazy to provide solutions:
  • That properly prepare students as they navigate through high school
  • That guide students to become multi-dimensional (8th-10th grades)
  • That help students secure admissions into colleges of their dreams (11th-12th grades and community college transfers)
  • That are quality services at affordable fees

Why should you work with UCEazy versus other college admissions companies?

UCEazy is the only college admissions guidance company that specializes in working with students whose parents were born outside the United States. We understand the unique qualities and cultures of these families. Additionally,
  • Our program for developing a multi-dimensional child is unique.
  • We offer high quality counselors and experts for a very reasonable fee compared to other college admissions counseling companies.
  • We have one of the largest teams of high quality college admissions experts (counselors) in United States.

Our Services

UCEazy Provides a Comprehensive Approach to Help Each Student Find His/Her Right Path.

We realize and understand that each student is unique and requires personalized guidance. With that in mind, our roadmap of services is for each grade. Move your mouse over each image for more information. Click the title on the image for more information.
UCEazy’s college admissions experts (counselors) are highly experienced at providing personalized guidance to students whose parents were born outside the U.S. Click here to learn more.
One-on-One Guidance
UCEazy offers a variety of seminars/webinars for students and parents throughout the year. Click here to view our upcoming schedule.

Seminars and Webinars
Our Creative Writing program is meant to improve college application essays, ACT/SAT scores, academic performance and overall communication skills. This program builds on what students learn in high school English. Click here to learn more.
Creative Writing Program
We offer a webinar series and parent resource group to educate parents on developing a multi-dimensional child. Click here to view our upcoming schedule.
Parental Education & Support
In addition, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your counselor (expert). If not, we will partner with you to find one that is a better fit.
For more information or to enroll call
1 - 833 - 9UCEAZY
or email info@uceazy.com