Why UCEazy – College Admissions Made Eazy

Why UCEazy

As first generation immigrant parents, we the founders of UCEazy (Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh Kolady –VK) have experienced what other families are facing today. The harsh reality that parents of first and second generation immigrant families are not experienced enough with US culture to properly prepare to help their children get into the college of their dreams.

What do we all have in common, as parents?

  • Many of us did not attend either high school or college in the US.
  • We do not have access to the necessary resources and counseling at affordable prices
  • Many children attend schools where counselors are overwhelmed by the number of children in their care.
  • Parents find the US college application process confusing and overwhelming.

At UCEazy we provide high quality resources at affordable that will help parents and their students achieve their dreams.

What sets UCEazy apart from the others?

Qualified and Experienced Counselors All of our counselors have at least a Master’s degree and average 15 years of experience in college admissions. They also have experience working with first and second generation immigrant families.
Flexibility You choose your UCEazy counselor based on your needs, preferences and budget.
Affordability and Payment Plans Compared to other service providers, as well as, independent counselors our prices are at least 30% lower, sometimes 70% lower. Services can be purchased in block of hours or in package and payment plans are an option.
Protection Guarantee Life is full of changes, so we protect the relationship between you and your counselor.
Webinars and Seminars We offer a variety webinars and seminars to parents and students periodically throughout the year. Topics range from College Admissions 101 to Thinking Beyond Grades and SATs.
For more information or to purchase call
650-257- 0305 or email info@uceazy.com