The 8th-10th grade years are critical in determining where your student enrolls into college. UCEazy’s academy model means you and your student receive guidance from UCEazy’s high-quality counselors that simplify the high school journey and develop a competitive edge that Xcellerates TM your child’s chances of attending their “dream” college.

Beginning this process as early as the 8th grade allows students to make a significant difference before starting their college applications. This approach also removes the stress of parents educated outside the U.S. and brings in a trusted advisor to serve as your guide through the entire process.

Enrollment Options: Based on families’ needs and student aspirations, there are three different pathways in which you can enroll:

  • College Prep Pathway – Helps with key decisions for high school success
    • College Prep is a single academic year program that helps students navigate the high school journey while building a college resume. The College Prep curriculum is included in all UCEazy Pathways.
    • This multi-year program includes guidance on developing a more competitive profile and comprehensive college application support. UCEazy’s core curriculum helps prepares students with the right tools to stand out amongst other applicants and increase their chances of being accepted into their dream college.


98% Admitted to colleges ranked in the top 10%.

  • Career Pathways – Competes for Specialized Majors at Top Tier Universities
    • This multi-year, invitation-only program is for students who demonstrate the extraordinary skills and necessary commitment to achieve at the highest level. This program focuses on gaining admission into the following majors: Pre-Med, Computer Science, Engineering at top-tier universities.

TOP 20

100% Admitted to
top 20 colleges ranked nationally.

Comparison Chart
College Prep College Bound
Best Fit Students and parents who seek guidance to manage the high school journey Students who seek admission into a competitive college
Benefit Help with key decisions for high school success College Prep +
Build a competitive profile for college admissions
Duration Through June 30, 2022 As early as 8th grade through 12th grade
One-on-One Time with Counselor Yes
Option to add 1:1 essay support
Option to add 1:1 essay support
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8th Grade

Explore Something Available

9th Grade

Lead Something Existing

10th Grade

Create Something New

Build Competitive Advantage + Setting it Up Student for Success = Holistic Student Profile

Curriculum Highlights
The proprietary curriculum and philosophy include engaging students in:

  • Extracurricular Activities Strategy
  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Coursework Selection
  • Summer Planning
  • Standardized Testing Strategy
  • And More..